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Working on a few things

2012-06-05 23:59:12 by Jirohbomb

First things first, I have just found a recent obsession with anime, so with that being said, Madoka can burn in a hole for all I care. Second thing is that Homura and Sayaka are awesome. Third of all, I'm working on a three part mixtape and one beat tape (I guess the beat tape is a prequel to the three part mixtape). Currently I have around 5 or 6 confirmed artists to be featured on the beat tape, and so far 0 artists are confirmed as guest features on the three part mixtape. I'm also now a staff member on AnimeOST.info now, so I've been able to get a hold of some rare samples to work with, and my music theory class has been helping me to come up with some complex melodies (God bless my teacher). I also have been slowly working on my set to use in performances over the summer and fall. My first show is gonna be in August in the Crenshaw area, so that's another thing to get all hyped about. All in all, I hope you listen to the new music, and you guys make sure to support your fellow nerd rapping about random topics. So yeah. Swag.

So I changed my stage name awhile back from G-Ray to R.E.C.A.P. (Realizing Everything Contains A Purpose). Just thought I should throw it out there. I have also been working on a new EP titled = Me. Currently there is production from Munk and I, and only one feature. I am also trying to get a semi well known recording artist on one of the tracks, so thats something too look forward to. The = Me EP should come out late February under my very small independent label.

Let's Do This! EP

2010-06-23 14:48:25 by Jirohbomb

So my EP dropped yesterday, and you can pick it up here. Download that sucka and have musical explosions.

Let's Do This! EP is back in action... suckas

2010-01-25 02:54:40 by Jirohbomb

Alright I'm restarting this project. I am gonna be my most lyrical, and I'm doing this for real now. Gonna be doing a big jump from my stuff from my myspace and this site. Hope you love it once its out.

Track list as of now.

1. Who Am I? (Prod. Yun Veroz & War Spawn)
2. Friday Night (Prod. Gunstar Greene)
3. Puro Fresh [Interlude] (Prod. Joey Keys)
4. Megaphone (Prod. S-Rock)
5. Holy Advocate (Prod. G-Ray, JP Super Fresh, and Kid Crisis)
6. Insane [Outro] (Prod. DJ-Delinquent)

Hope you enjoy!

Let's Do This! EP is back in action... suckas

Mixtape postponed and funniest chats ever.

2010-01-02 01:45:40 by Jirohbomb

Yeah Let's Do This EP is postponed for at least two months. Sorry.

For the meat of this newspost, I compiled some of the funniest chats I had with Hip Hop Newgrounds. Read em and enjoy.

Group Chat with

TheLions2k9 (4:14:07 PM): hey
graytherapper (4:14:08 PM): so...
TheLions2k9 (4:14:22 PM): that JP, KOA?
graytherapper (4:14:29 PM): yup
TheLions2k9 (4:14:36 PM): kl...
Joseph38118 (4:14:48 PM): o,o
TheLions2k9 (4:14:51 PM): its CKC
TheLions2k9 (4:14:53 PM): .. :-)
Joseph38118 (4:14:57 PM): i kno o,o hi
TheLions2k9 (4:15:03 PM): ...
graytherapper (4:15:11 PM): oh crap that beat is orgasmic
Joseph38118 (4:15:17 PM): i kno right
Joseph38118 (4:15:26 PM): i got liquids in my pants now
TheLions2k9 (4:15:33 PM): =-O
Joseph38118 (4:15:51 PM): i caqnt wiat till its done
graytherapper (4:15:56 PM): me too
Joseph38118 (4:16:09 PM): ima go put my pizza in da oven @_@
graytherapper (4:16:13 PM): thats a hit there
graytherapper (4:16:23 PM): wanna let ckc hear it?
TheLions2k9 (4:16:32 PM): ...
graytherapper (4:16:50 PM): wanna hear the song ckc?
TheLions2k9 (4:16:57 PM): yh sures
TheLions2k9 (4:18:57 PM): dope lol
TheLions2k9 (4:19:05 PM): its sick
Joseph38118 (4:19:06 PM): back o_o
graytherapper (4:19:20 PM): its orgasmic isn't it
Joseph38118 (4:19:23 PM): im so hungry
Joseph38118 (4:19:37 PM): I had to go clean myself up
TheLions2k9 (4:19:48 PM): ^)^
TheLions2k9 (4:19:49 PM): o
Joseph38118 (4:19:56 PM): tht face is awesome<--
graytherapper (4:19:59 PM): it is
TheLions2k9 (4:20:00 PM): haha
TheLions2k9 (4:20:13 PM): if best finish dat beat..
TheLions2k9 (4:20:17 PM): *u
graytherapper (4:20:24 PM): its looping on my crappy speakers
graytherapper (4:20:28 PM): yayz!!!
graytherapper (4:20:48 PM): gonna take a quick shower... brb
Joseph38118 (4:21:05 PM): lol
Joseph38118 (4:21:18 PM): KOA
Joseph38118 (4:21:24 PM): wtf is delinquent >.>
Joseph38118 (4:21:31 PM): he prob playin 9fagets
TheLions2k9 (4:21:39 PM): huh?
TheLions2k9 (4:21:51 PM): he plays with fags? omg
Joseph38118 (4:22:04 PM): duh
TheLions2k9 (4:22:13 PM): as in gay boom boom =-O
Joseph38118 (4:22:31 PM): mmmhmm
DelinquentNG (4:22:34 PM): Playing 9Dragons
DelinquentNG (4:22:38 PM): <3
Joseph38118 (4:22:41 PM): this is my first group chat
Joseph38118 (4:22:44 PM): I TOLD YOU
TheLions2k9 (4:22:51 PM): lol
Joseph38118 (4:22:52 PM): he playin 9fagtets
Joseph38118 (4:22:57 PM): spell fail
TheLions2k9 (4:23:02 PM): ^)^
TheLions2k9 (4:23:03 PM): o
Joseph38118 (4:23:08 PM): wut if
Joseph38118 (4:23:21 PM): i just interupt u in the middly of tht smiley
Joseph38118 (4:23:27 PM): such a fail
TheLions2k9 (4:23:32 PM): LOL.....
TheLions2k9 (4:23:36 PM): w8 a min..
TheLions2k9 (4:23:40 PM): that wud mean i fail...
Joseph38118 (4:23:44 PM): indeed
TheLions2k9 (4:23:50 PM): ^)^
TheLions2k9 (4:23:50 PM): o
TheLions2k9 (4:23:51 PM): :-)
Joseph38118 (4:23:55 PM): lmao
Joseph38118 (4:24:02 PM): ur just too fast at it now
TheLions2k9 (4:24:09 PM): lol
TheLions2k9 (4:24:12 PM): i will fail doe
TheLions2k9 (4:24:14 PM): someday...
Joseph38118 (4:24:15 PM): indeed
Joseph38118 (4:24:23 PM): i'll catch u with my sharingan
Joseph38118 (4:24:26 PM): @_@
TheLions2k9 (4:24:29 PM): lol
TheLions2k9 (4:24:43 PM): is dis da first KOA kinda group thingy
TheLions2k9 (4:24:44 PM): ?
Joseph38118 (4:24:50 PM): umm idk
TheLions2k9 (4:24:55 PM): meh.
Joseph38118 (4:25:00 PM): Delinquent doesnt care about us anymoar
Joseph38118 (4:25:05 PM): he has new faget friends
Joseph38118 (4:25:15 PM): he has 8 of them
TheLions2k9 (4:25:15 PM): we kill them?
Joseph38118 (4:25:22 PM): nah
TheLions2k9 (4:25:27 PM): we eat them?
Joseph38118 (4:25:35 PM): nah i got piozza
TheLions2k9 (4:25:39 PM): ok ok
TheLions2k9 (4:25:45 PM): we kill them and then eat them?
TheLions2k9 (4:25:55 PM): and then someone kills us
TheLions2k9 (4:25:56 PM): and eats us
Joseph38118 (4:26:02 PM): kill them, put them in the freezer
Joseph38118 (4:26:10 PM): then wait till next year
Joseph38118 (4:26:16 PM): and deep fry
TheLions2k9 (4:26:21 PM): how wud u defrost a corpse?
Joseph38118 (4:26:27 PM): in the sun
TheLions2k9 (4:26:34 PM): suspisous?
Joseph38118 (4:26:39 PM): then we de-bone them
Joseph38118 (4:26:45 PM): no pun intended
TheLions2k9 (4:26:51 PM): LOL
TheLions2k9 (4:26:59 PM): ...,not funny
Joseph38118 (4:27:06 PM): D:
TheLions2k9 (4:27:10 PM): i joke
TheLions2k9 (4:27:27 PM): ...
Joseph38118 (4:27:36 PM): gay ray is taking a long shower
TheLions2k9 (4:27:36 PM): seriously is KOA still around?
Joseph38118 (4:27:40 PM): idk
Joseph38118 (4:27:43 PM): o,o
TheLions2k9 (4:27:49 PM): ^)^
TheLions2k9 (4:27:49 PM): o
Joseph38118 (4:27:57 PM): the 9fagets took over Del's life
Joseph38118 (4:28:05 PM): thts y his beats are not so hawt
TheLions2k9 (4:28:10 PM): =-O
Joseph38118 (4:28:14 PM): xD
TheLions2k9 (4:28:20 PM): Ouch
Joseph38118 (4:28:25 PM): owwies
TheLions2k9 (4:28:27 PM): below the belt
TheLions2k9 (4:28:32 PM): and turns around for the haymaker
TheLions2k9 (4:28:35 PM): K.O
TheLions2k9 (4:28:38 PM): FATALITY
Joseph38118 (4:28:56 PM): we miss the delinquent who made champloo and eureka =D
TheLions2k9 (4:29:01 PM): R.I.P
Joseph38118 (4:29:03 PM): and rave gurl
Joseph38118 (4:29:06 PM): T_T
Joseph38118 (4:29:12 PM): i went to his funeral
Joseph38118 (4:29:16 PM): it was so sad
TheLions2k9 (4:29:21 PM): yh made me cry
TheLions2k9 (4:29:24 PM): no Booze?
TheLions2k9 (4:29:28 PM): i nearly screamed
Joseph38118 (4:29:28 PM): i played tht piano melody u just heard live
TheLions2k9 (4:29:34 PM): wow
TheLions2k9 (4:29:39 PM): on a piano made of kittens?
Joseph38118 (4:29:43 PM): no
Joseph38118 (4:29:52 PM): on a piano made of touch screen cellphones
TheLions2k9 (4:30:03 PM): how was the connection?
Joseph38118 (4:30:09 PM): awesome
TheLions2k9 (4:30:13 PM): koolio
TheLions2k9 (4:30:17 PM): fal
graytherapper (4:30:20 PM): pie
graytherapper (4:30:23 PM): is good
TheLions2k9 (4:30:30 PM): i failed at trying to write fail
graytherapper (4:30:38 PM): Back
TheLions2k9 (4:31:05 PM): shud there be a epic collab between everyone in dis convo
TheLions2k9 (4:31:09 PM): ?
graytherapper (4:31:35 PM): yes
graytherapper (4:31:42 PM): but jp will say I fail
Joseph38118 (4:31:49 PM): aw sucks
Joseph38118 (4:31:52 PM): shucks*
Joseph38118 (4:31:56 PM): u know me so well
TheLions2k9 (4:32:08 PM): lol
graytherapper (4:32:22 PM): I've only talked to you for a week already
graytherapper (4:32:29 PM): and I know how you think
Joseph38118 (4:32:41 PM): u actually keep up w/ tht?
Joseph38118 (4:32:45 PM): HOMO
graytherapper (4:32:45 PM): no...
TheLions2k9 (4:32:55 PM): ^)^
TheLions2k9 (4:32:55 PM): o
graytherapper (4:33:07 PM): it was that my dad was in the hospital a week ago so I remember
Joseph38118 (4:33:16 PM): <(^o^<) hahahaha
Joseph38118 (4:33:20 PM): oh wait
Joseph38118 (4:33:23 PM): not funny
TheLions2k9 (4:33:25 PM): FAIL
TheLions2k9 (4:33:33 PM): ^)^
TheLions2k9 (4:33:33 PM): o
graytherapper (4:33:37 PM): lol

Chat with JP Super Fresh

Joseph38118 (12:01:14 AM): lol
graytherapper (12:04:38 AM): dude, for fanmade, this sets the standard
Joseph38118 (12:10:06 AM): i know right
graytherapper (12:10:49 AM): im at the part where all these soldiers get possesed
graytherapper (12:11:21 AM): and a man was riding a metal gear
Joseph38118 (12:11:38 AM): the girl is awesome
graytherapper (12:11:43 AM): yeah
graytherapper (12:11:49 AM): shes hot
Joseph38118 (12:11:53 AM): <_<
graytherapper (12:12:22 AM): Los Angeles is a weird place, it messes you up
Joseph38118 (12:13:31 AM): i bet
graytherapper (12:13:35 AM): yeah
graytherapper (12:14:03 AM): well the music in our place is good at least
Joseph38118 (12:14:30 AM): wat r u trying to say?
graytherapper (12:14:38 AM): idk
graytherapper (12:15:20 AM): Im bored, and hyped at the same time... in other words, im tired
Joseph38118 (12:15:39 AM): im about to render a demo of this beat
Joseph38118 (12:15:46 AM): and practice my guitar
graytherapper (12:16:01 AM): aight
Joseph38118 (12:16:21 AM): hu about to get off?
Joseph38118 (12:16:27 AM): u*
graytherapper (12:16:51 AM): no, but Delinquent wants me to play 9 dragons with him
Joseph38118 (12:16:56 AM): lmao
Joseph38118 (12:17:07 AM): im gonna kill his sorry ass
graytherapper (12:17:38 AM): who told him of that game?
Joseph38118 (12:17:49 AM): prob a mmo site
Joseph38118 (12:17:53 AM): looks LAME
graytherapper (12:17:58 AM): lol
graytherapper (12:18:03 AM): brb
graytherapper (12:18:11 AM): brother needs help
Joseph38118 (12:19:43 AM): k
graytherapper (12:20:59 AM): back
graytherapper (12:21:37 AM): how lame is it, I don't play that crap
graytherapper (12:21:50 AM): so I shouldn't know
Joseph38118 (12:42:52 AM): lol
graytherapper (12:59:23 AM): dude, is the girl supposed to go all psycho?
Joseph38118 (1:02:42 AM): xD
Joseph38118 (1:02:48 AM): she goes awesome
graytherapper (1:02:51 AM): lol
graytherapper (1:03:32 AM): thats trippy though
graytherapper (1:05:24 AM): it finished...
graytherapper (1:05:29 AM): I want moar!!!
Joseph38118 (1:07:17 AM): indeed
Joseph38118 (1:07:21 AM): thts wat she sed
graytherapper (1:07:27 AM): lol
graytherapper (1:07:46 AM): that was dope
Joseph38118 (1:07:52 AM): very
graytherapper (1:08:04 AM): imagine if it was in theaters
graytherapper (1:08:29 AM): and it had a big budget
graytherapper (1:08:35 AM): with the same writers
Joseph38118 (1:08:54 AM): pwnt
graytherapper (1:08:59 AM): yes
graytherapper (1:10:08 AM): man I thank RPGmaster for linking us
graytherapper (1:10:28 AM): and DJ Delinquent too
Joseph38118 (1:10:46 AM): indeed
graytherapper (1:14:05 AM): I love the secret cut
Joseph38118 (1:14:12 AM): o_o
Joseph38118 (1:14:15 AM): i missed it oo
graytherapper (1:14:22 AM): its hilarious
graytherapper (1:14:45 AM): its after the credits
Joseph38118 (1:16:53 AM): fck
graytherapper (1:17:13 AM): watch it
graytherapper (1:17:17 AM): NOW!!!
Joseph38118 (1:17:40 AM): it has to load, no way
graytherapper (1:17:53 AM): who cares
graytherapper (1:18:00 AM): its funny
graytherapper (1:18:20 AM): they're now singing row your boat
graytherapper (1:18:27 AM): in harmony!!!
Joseph38118 (1:20:06 AM): =.=
graytherapper (1:22:01 AM): ok, if you don't wanna watch it, its your loss
graytherapper (1:22:17 AM): I'll just be laughing here
Joseph38118 (1:34:22 AM): =(
graytherapper (1:34:28 AM): what
graytherapper (1:35:18 AM): ?
Joseph38118 (1:36:58 AM): ur not making it any better
graytherapper (1:37:05 AM): sorry
graytherapper (1:38:01 AM): Delinquent better be recommending me to a good game since its 1 gig
graytherapper (1:38:14 AM): he owes me...
graytherapper (1:38:20 AM): =.=
Joseph38118 went idle at 1:47:26 AM
Joseph38118 came back from idle at 1:47:36 AM
Joseph38118 (1:59:31 AM): omg
Joseph38118 (1:59:42 AM): tell him to make another hit beat like he used to
Joseph38118 (1:59:57 AM): that'll piss him off
graytherapper (1:59:58 AM): who, Delinquent?
Joseph38118 (2:00:02 AM): yar
graytherapper (2:00:12 AM): ok
Joseph38118 (2:00:18 AM): DTB=beat im workin on
Joseph38118 (2:00:35 AM): T-Free might owk on it
Joseph38118 (2:00:39 AM): work*
graytherapper (2:00:45 AM): ok
graytherapper (2:01:03 AM): Im telling him that now
Joseph38118 (2:02:16 AM): xD
graytherapper (2:05:02 AM): sent it
joseph38118 (2:07:54 AM): lol
graytherapper (2:09:58 AM): He sounded pissed
Joseph38118 (2:12:00 AM): xD
Joseph38118 (2:12:04 AM): u hear the beat o,o
graytherapper (2:12:10 AM): yeah
graytherapper (2:12:20 AM): dope
graytherapper (2:12:23 AM): as
graytherapper (2:12:25 AM): my
graytherapper (2:12:34 AM): imagination
Joseph38118 (2:13:47 AM): lol?
Joseph38118 (2:13:58 AM): i was in a "zone" when i made it
graytherapper (2:14:05 AM): my imagination is pretty dope also
graytherapper (2:14:07 AM): and wow
Joseph38118 (2:14:09 AM): lmao
graytherapper (2:16:25 AM): wow.. im tired...
Joseph38118 (2:23:46 AM): go to bed
Joseph38118 (2:23:56 AM): stop trying to hang w/ the big dogs xD
graytherapper (2:28:21 AM): i can't
Joseph38118 (2:29:30 AM): i see
Joseph38118 (2:29:33 AM): xD
graytherapper (2:30:36 AM): dads in hospital and moms working, I need to take care of bro
Joseph38118 (2:31:00 AM): ah...
graytherapper (2:31:28 AM): so when one of them gets here, I'll sleep
graytherapper (2:32:55 AM): so I'll talk with the big dogs of NG while I wait
graytherapper (2:33:15 AM): (even though they're not that older than me)
Joseph38118 (2:33:28 AM): xD
graytherapper (2:33:41 AM): yeah
Joseph38118 (2:33:46 AM): wow lucky guess
Joseph38118 (2:33:56 AM): i started at 15
Joseph38118 (2:34:07 AM): taylor swift started at 15
Joseph38118 (2:34:12 AM): xDDD
graytherapper (2:34:17 AM): most idiots are 15 also
graytherapper (2:34:23 AM): don't make a difference
graytherapper (2:34:39 AM): except these 15 year olds are musical idiots
graytherapper (2:34:47 AM): :-)
Joseph38118 (2:34:55 AM): indeed
graytherapper (2:38:05 AM): damn this comp hates me
Joseph38118 (2:38:17 AM): XD
Joseph38118 (2:39:57 AM): CUZ WHEN UR
Joseph38118 (2:40:02 AM): FIFTHTEEN
graytherapper (2:40:13 AM): you spelled it wrong
Joseph38118 (2:40:19 AM): <_< so
Joseph38118 (2:40:22 AM): not my age
graytherapper (2:40:25 AM): lol
graytherapper (2:40:32 AM): hey...
graytherapper (2:40:40 AM): im special
Joseph38118 (2:40:49 AM): cuz when ur
Joseph38118 (2:40:54 AM): FITHTEEN
graytherapper (2:40:54 AM): I have a record label
graytherapper (2:41:08 AM): cuz im fifteen
Joseph38118 (2:41:12 AM): SOMEBODY TELLZ U THEY LOVE YOU
Joseph38118 (2:41:20 AM): U GONNA BELIVE THEM
graytherapper (2:41:20 AM): actually no
Joseph38118 (2:41:40 AM): u dont listne to taylor swift? xD
graytherapper (2:41:46 AM): no...
graytherapper (2:42:09 AM): i listen to burly and dex
graytherapper (2:42:17 AM): and redcloud
Joseph38118 (2:42:22 AM): o_o
graytherapper (2:42:29 AM): and SHANE NEWVILLE!!!
graytherapper (2:42:49 AM): cuz thats how I roll
graytherapper (2:42:59 AM): NGer
graytherapper (2:44:04 AM): and...
Joseph38118 (2:44:17 AM): <_<
Joseph38118 (2:44:21 AM): ng music is awesome
graytherapper (2:44:24 AM): Im fifteen and I love it
graytherapper (2:44:32 AM): I know
graytherapper (2:44:56 AM): except this guy named JP SuperFresh
graytherapper (2:45:02 AM): hes wack
graytherapper (2:45:05 AM): as
graytherapper (2:45:07 AM): hell
Joseph38118 (2:45:16 AM): who is tht?
graytherapper (2:45:24 AM): Idk
Joseph38118 (2:45:32 AM): sounds awesome
graytherapper (2:45:34 AM): lame name though
Joseph38118 (2:45:38 AM): indeed
Joseph38118 (2:45:48 AM): he prob made it when he was 15
graytherapper (2:45:54 AM): sounds like a 14 yr old on crack made it
graytherapper (2:46:05 AM): now G-Ray
graytherapper (2:46:10 AM): kickass rapper
Joseph38118 (2:46:13 AM): Gay Ray
graytherapper (2:46:19 AM): lol
graytherapper (2:46:58 AM): JP=Just Pedophiling
Joseph38118 (2:47:19 AM): yea i like lil 14 year old girls
Joseph38118 (2:47:21 AM): <3
graytherapper (2:47:26 AM): lol
Joseph38118 (2:47:36 AM): so sexy and ripe :3
graytherapper (2:47:51 AM): what about 15 yr olds?
Joseph38118 (2:48:24 AM): they're ok if they're azn
graytherapper (2:48:30 AM): yeah...
graytherapper (2:48:34 AM): or Latina
Joseph38118 (2:48:43 AM): azn moar
Joseph38118 (2:48:46 AM): viet
Joseph38118 (2:48:50 AM): <3
graytherapper (2:48:53 AM): you don't mess with Latina Asians

I'll update this later.

Mixtape gonna drop soon.

2009-11-09 14:55:57 by Jirohbomb

Hey what up NG, I'm gonna drop a mixtape soon titled Let's Do This EP. It's gonna be dope so I would like you to download once its out. But for now I'll leave a "*" next to a finished track and a "**" next to finished lyrics.

Track list as of now.

1. Let's Do This (Prod. Joey Keys & Cajete) (Collab with my boy Mhotep who is not from the site)
2. Gravity (Prod. Joey Keys) (Probably gonna be a collab between another rapper on this site)
3. Mad World (Prod. Joey Keys)
4. One More Step (Remake that's gonna be produced by me!!!) **
5. Insane (Prod. DJ-Delinquent) *

Hope you enjoy!

Mixtape gonna drop soon.


2009-08-23 01:05:35 by Jirohbomb

Yeah, I had to have a title that will catch your attention. I have a new song up now. First song using FL Studio I might add. Review it and check back in a few weeks for the lyrical version of it. Leave your comments and opinions.
G-Ray out.

Birthday, news and new song

2009-08-05 23:40:24 by Jirohbomb

First off I'm gonna be 15 tomarra and before I'm 15 I'm gonna upload my last song being 14 years old. Its gonna be a remake of the ORIGINAL submission of The Battlefield (which was deleted because of ma stupidity). I am currently learning how to use Fruity Loops (demo) for I can make ma own hip hop instrumentals for my raps and freestyles. If anyone knows how to do the noobish stuff on FL Studio, please pm me if you want to teach me. Lastly, I hope that people will check out both versions of The Battlefield and leave good comments. Leave you comments and opinions.
G-Ray out.

New Song

2009-06-22 18:22:56 by Jirohbomb

I have a new song up called One More Step (http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/248992). It took a while to actually fing a good way to make it sound great on my new microphone. Hopefully people will actually review it and put thier honest opinion about my song.
Leave opinions and comments.
G-Ray out.

New Song

G-Ray's proggress

2009-05-20 23:55:40 by Jirohbomb

Well I'm doing 2 new songs, one is a collab with Gentlemen Ghost, and the other one is a single that is dedicated to a friend. I think these two songs are going to be bomb and with these songs pouring out like a waterfall I could I could do something awesome with my music. I also recently perfomed one of my new songs for my first performance and in the end I got everyone chanting. That's actually not bad for a first performance.
Leave opinions and coments.
G-Ray out!!!