Entry #11

Working on a few things

2012-06-05 23:59:12 by Jirohbomb

First things first, I have just found a recent obsession with anime, so with that being said, Madoka can burn in a hole for all I care. Second thing is that Homura and Sayaka are awesome. Third of all, I'm working on a three part mixtape and one beat tape (I guess the beat tape is a prequel to the three part mixtape). Currently I have around 5 or 6 confirmed artists to be featured on the beat tape, and so far 0 artists are confirmed as guest features on the three part mixtape. I'm also now a staff member on AnimeOST.info now, so I've been able to get a hold of some rare samples to work with, and my music theory class has been helping me to come up with some complex melodies (God bless my teacher). I also have been slowly working on my set to use in performances over the summer and fall. My first show is gonna be in August in the Crenshaw area, so that's another thing to get all hyped about. All in all, I hope you listen to the new music, and you guys make sure to support your fellow nerd rapping about random topics. So yeah. Swag.


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2012-06-06 00:38:49